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We are professionally engaged in steel structure design, manufacture and installation.

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Prefabricated Broiler House

Prefabricated Broiler House
Detailed description

Qingdao KXD Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China prefabricated broiler house manufacturers and suppliers equipped with professional prefabricated broiler house factory.

Prefabricated broiler house 

1.Column: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;

2.Beam: Galvanized Q235, Q345 H-section steel or square tube;

3.Purlin: Galvanized Q235 C-channel;

4.Vertical and transversal support: Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe;

5.Tie bar: Q235 steel pipe;

6.Brace: Q235 round bar;

7.Sleeve: Q235 steel pipe;

8.Roof: Corrugated steel sheet with insulation or sandwich panel;

9.Wall: Wire meshes with curtain system or sandwich panel;

10.Feeding system: Feeder motor connect with feeder hopper;

11.Nipple drinker system;

12.Tunnel ventilation and heating system;

13.Suspension system with ceiling winch;

14.Ventilation: External damper fan with cone.

Basic rules of structure design

1.Design code for steel structure GB50017-2003;

2.Design Ssecification for Curved Thin-walled Steel Structure GB50018-2002.

Design parameters 

1.Coefficient for importance of a structure is 0.95. The usage life is 25 years;

2.3 security level;

3.Seismic fortification categories: C-class;

4.Earthquake-resistant level: the main structure is level four.

Structural design load

Uniformly distributed load standard values: KN/M2

1.YX-980 0.5mm outsider roof aluminum-zinc steel plate: ------------------0.049KN/m2;

2.16kg/m3 50mm heat-insulating fiber glass wool:----------0.008 KN/m2;

3.Z or C roof purlin:-----------------0.034 KN/m2;

4.Roof live load:----------------------0.5 KN/m2.

Concentrated load:KN/m2(3mis a lifting point)

1.Waterline -----------------------0.11 KN/m2;

2.Feed line ----------------------0.22 KN/m2;

3.Motor(the end of waterline and feed line)--------------------0.41 KN/m2;

4.Full load of hopper ------------------------1 KN/m2;

5.Main feed line ------------------------0.18 KN/m2;

6.Wind load ------------------------0.6 KN/m2;

7.Snow load ------------------------0.5 KN/m2.


1.The poultry house can be used for 25 years;

2.The internal environment can be controlled constant temperature and humidity throughout the year;

3.5.5 batches of broilers can be guranteed per year, and death rate is below 5%;

4.Easy to assemble and disassemble;

5.Can install the equipments at the same time;

6.Great price and good quality.

Any question, pls feel free to contact me.

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